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Clogging performance
The basic movements that make up clogging steps are the double-step and the rock step (similar to the shuffle step and ball change if you are familiar with tap dancing). Once you get to more advanced steps, these are combined with other movements, such as stomps, stamps, kicks, slides, drags, balls, heel digs, and more. However, our beginner steps will deal mostly with double steps and rock steps.

Beginner Steps

Click here for a list of the ten basic steps we teach in our beginner classes. Next to each step you will find the breakdown of the footwork. We have listed the footwork as if you are starting on your left foot, but you will need to be able to complete the step on both the left and right feet. It is important to master these steps completely, since they will be the foundation for many of the steps you will learn later. Happy practicing!

Advanced Beginner Steps

Click here for a list of the fifteen steps we teach in our advanced beginner classes. Like the beginner steps, the footwork is broken down for the left foot. Have fun!

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