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Cloggers performing at Taste of Orland

As we mentioned on our home page, Cloggin' Craze is a performing team. Each summer, we perform at about a dozen local festivals and events. Though not all of our cloggers choose to perform, it is usually a highlight for those who do!

If you are coordinating a festival or event, and are looking for high-energy, family-friendly entertainment, feel free to email Carol Hedlin for more information on our group.

For a schedule of the dates, times, and locations of this season's performances, click here.

Current Cloggin' Crazies: Important Performance Reminders

The following is some important general information regarding our performances:
  • Everyone is included at each performance unless we have indicated otherwise on the performance schedule. Each performance generally lasts about 45 minutes.
  • The times listed are performance times - please plan to arrive a half hour before the listed time.
  • If you are going to participate in a performance, we really need you to be at practice the Thursday evening before. On occasion, this may not be possible. If you talk to us about it in advance so we know you will be missing, we can probably still make it work.
  • For each performance, please wear the new shirts that we ordered with basic, plain blue jean shorts (ones that are not too dark, not too faded or light, no ties, no designs, no holes, no lace, no glitter - just plain blue jean shorts). Girls - if your hair is long enough, wear it in a ponytail. If it is not long enough, just pull it back off your face. Please don’t tuck your shirt in. Also, please wear your shirt only for performances so that it stays nice. Once our performing season is over, then feel free to wear it whenever you want.
  • We know that some of you may have a conflict come up after you make the commitment to attend a performance. In this case, please contact us as soon as possible so that we have advanced notice and can adjust as necessary. We want to do the best we can at each performance, and we try to put line-ups together a couple weeks ahead of time so that we can practice accordingly. (It gets frustrating when people call us at the last minute - we realize that sometimes this is unavoidable. However, when at all possible, please don’t wait until the last minute to call us!)

Kidz Clog performs, too! Be sure to check out our Kidz Clog website.

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